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Campaigners call for action in response to new living standards audit

Posted: 24/07/2018

Campaigners call for action in response to new living standards audit

Anti-poverty campaigners have called for action after new research from the Resolution Foundation found there was a 3% increase in child poverty in the UK last year, and identified a reduction of up to £150 in the incomes of the lowest income households.

The research - which forms the independent think tank’s annual audit of living standards in the UK – shows that child poverty has been rising since 2011 at a higher rate than suggested by government data, driven by benefit cuts that have had a disproportionate impact on families experiencing poverty.

The Poverty Alliance have responded to the research by calling for a rethink in the UK Government’s social security policies, and by highlighting the solutions that can help to free people from the grip of poverty.

Peter Kelly, Director of the Poverty Alliance, said:

“This report underlines what we already know to be true; that decisions made by policy-makers, such as to introduce and maintain the benefits freeze, are locking people into poverty.
In the just and compassionate society we all want to live in, child poverty should not exist. Yet this research shows that child poverty increased in the last year in the biggest single year increase since the 1980s; this cannot be right.

There are actions we can take to reverse this – we can end the benefits freeze, for example, and we can ensure that we are all able to access an adequate minimum income to guarantee a decent standard of living can be had by everyone. This Resolution Foundation research reinforces why that action is so vital."


The Living Standards Audit 2018 was published by the Resolution Foundation on 24 July and can be read here.



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