What We Believe

Below is a statement of the values and beliefs that drive the work of the Poverty Alliance:

Human Rights: We believe that the existence of poverty represents a breach of fundamental human rights. We place our concerns within the wider framework of human rights, equality of opportunity and of social, economic and environmental justice. 

Income adequacy: Central to our rights based understanding of poverty, is the recognition that every person has the right to an adequate income. This right must be at the heart of long term strategies to address poverty, whether these incomes are delivered through the labour market, the state or a combination.

Dignity and Respect: Central to everything that we do is the principle that all people, regardless of their circumstances, must be treated with dignity and respect. We put this principle into practice in our own work as well as encouraging others to build this into their work and lives.


Equality: We recognise that some groups, for example disabled people, women, people from black and ethnic minority communities, are more at risk of poverty. We will ensure that the work we do reflects the differing experiences that people have of poverty. 


Empowerment: We are committed to the empowerment of people living in poverty and seek to promote this in our own practice as well as encouraging others to build this into their work. Empowerment is a process whereby people can gain more control and influence over the decisions that affect their lives. 

Participation: We believe that people who experience poverty should be able to contribute to finding the solutions to the problems that affect their lives. We aim to put this principle of participation into practice in our own work by ensuring that time and resources are available to allow meaningful engagement in our activities. 

Partnership: We are committed to the principle that poverty is not simply a problem for those who experience it but is the responsibility of our whole society. We are part of Scottish civil society and will work with a broad range of organisations including community and voluntary organisations, trade unions, faith-based organisations, political parties, public sector bodies, as well as the private sector.  

Organisational Independence: Regardless of funding, we retain our right to act as an independent organisation. We are non-party political, and will work with all organisations that support our aims and our values. 



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