We want to hear from you! 

Get Heard is all about you organisaing discussions about what needs to change in your community to help address poverty in Scotland. Below are some of the ways in which you can make sure your voice is heard 




Run a discussion group

Over the weeks to come more information to help you run discussion groups will be available on these pages. This will include briefing papers on relevant policy issues, background information on the Scottish Government's Child Poverty Delivery Plan. We are developing a toolkit to be used to facilitate discussions about how to address poverty in Scotland. You can use this toolkit as much or as little as you wish to guide and inform conversations. If you want to get involved in test earlier versions of the toolkit please get in touch.

Discussion groups should be focused around the three simple questions that are at the heart of Get Heard Scotland:

  • What works in your community?
  • What doesn't work?
  • What needs to change? 


Become a partner

We are always looking for more national and regional partners to come onboard and ensure that we have a truly Scotland-wide reach. If you’d like to discuss becoming a GHS national partner please contact Robin Tennant, Fieldwork Manager at robin.tennant@povertyalliance.org.


Join the conversation online

If you’re unable to attend or participate in a discussion group in your area but still want to get your voice heard, you can still join in the conversation by filling in this online form or by tweeting using the hashtag #getheardscotland



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