Key Messages

There are many changes that are required to have a bigger impact on poverty. The organisations supporting Challenge Poverty Week all have our own priorities but we have agreed a number of key messages that need to be highlighted during the week:

  • Poverty is a real problem in Scotland, affecting large and growing numbers of people;
  • Wide inequalities between groups and individuals damages our whole society;
  • Poverty is created by the decisions we make as a society;
  • People living on low incomes have a voice and should be heard;
  • Change is possible!

​Whether you are organising an activity or talking to friends and family about Challenge Poverty Week, keep these key messages in mind and help to promote them. 

“If we are serious about ending poverty in Scotland its vital that we build the public support needed to make real change happen. Challenge Poverty Week is a great opportunity to work together  to highlight the damage that poverty wreaks and create the pressure needed for real action to end it.”

John Dickie, Head of Child Poverty Action Group Scotland

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