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Campaigners Welcome Poverty and Inequality Commission Recommendations

Posted: 26/02/2018

Campaigners Welcome Poverty and Inequality Commission Recommendations

For immediate Release, 26 February 2018


The grip of poverty could be loosened for thousands of children across Scotland if the Scottish Government follows the recommendations of the independent Poverty and Inequality Commission, according to anti-poverty campaigners.  The Commission has delivered its first report to the Scottish Government and has focused on the need to use social security powers and to help more people find decent jobs as key solutions to poverty.


Commenting on the Commission’s report Peter Kelly, Director of the Poverty Alliance, said:


“The challenging targets that have been set to reduce child poverty in Scotland by 2030 will mean that we need to use all of the powers at our disposal to make a difference. If we get this right, the lives of thousands of children across Scotland will be improved.


“The Commission’s report contains important guidance for the Scottish Government ahead of the publication of their Child Poverty delivery plan. Amongst the 40 recommendations those that focus on using social security powers and ensuring more people can access decent jobs stand out.


“The Commission is right to highlight these important areas, but it is also telling that it highlights the importance of reducing low income. After years of frozen benefits and stagnating wages, we need to do more to lift the incomes of those who are currently losing out. We are pleased that they have highlighted the important role that topping up social security benefits can play in tackling poverty.


“The goal of creating a fairer Scotland is one that we all share. If the Scottish Government follows the advice of the Commission, we will have a real opportunity to put in place more of the changes that will make that goal a reality.”




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