Staff Team

The Poverty Alliance has a small staff team whose role is to help deliver on the strategic priorities set by the Board am membership fo the Alliance. The current staff team is:

Peter Kelly, Director

Robin Tennant, Fieldwork Manager

Poe McHugh, Finance and Administration Manager

Twimukye Mushaka, Fieldwork Development Officer

Lynn Law, Fieldwork Development Officer

Anna Baillie, Project Officer - A Menu for Change

Fiona McHardy, Research and Information Manager

Carla McCormack, Policy and Parliamentary Officer

Rachel Thomson, Campaigns and Policy Assistant

Julie McGahan, Living Wage Programme Manager (Scotland)

Jack Evans, Living Wage Accreditation Officer

Lynn Anderson, Living Wage Accreditation Officer

Lynn Cunningham, Living Wage Accreditation Officer

Patricia Di-Tommaso, Administrative Assistant

Lesley Sherwood, Administrative Assistant


Peter Kelly, Director

Peter joined the Poverty Alliance as Policy Manager in 2002, becoming Director in 2004.  He is responsible for the overall day-to-day management of the organisation, ensuring that the Alliance is delivering the objectives set by the board and members.  Peter also represents the Alliance in a variety of forums and networks, including Scottish Drugs Forum and the Living Wage Foundation's Advisory Council. He is also currently Vice President of the European Anti-Poverty Network. Peter is also Company Secretary on the Board of the Alliance.

Before joining the Alliance he worked at the Scottish Low Pay Unit, helping to campaign for the introduction of the National Minimum Wage.

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Robin Tennant, Fieldwork Manager

Robin has been Fieldwork Manager with The Poverty Alliance since 2001. He is responsible for overseeing the development of the Alliance's community engagement work and our Poverty Awareness Training programme. Robin previously worked with the Alliance as a Community Resource Officer.

Robin has also worked with Scottish Borders Council, Glasgow Caledonian University (where he helped found the Scottish Poverty Information Unit) and Save the Children.

He has a Degree in Economic and Social History from the University of Edinburgh and a Masters Degree in Applied Social Science from Glasgow Caledonian University. He is married with 2 grown up children (oh! and 4 cats and a dog)

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Poe McHugh, Finance and Administration Manager

Poe was educated in Australia and has almost 20 years experience of working as an Administrator in Thailand, Ireland and Scotland.

Poe has been with Poverty Alliance since July 1999. She is responsible for the overall day- to-day running of the office and managing the budgets for the Alliance. 

Poe enjoys travel, reading (especially Thai) and is a 'fanatical movie goer' (but don't ask her the names of the actors and actresses - she's clueless!)

Contact Poe:

Twimukye Macline Mushaka Fieldwork Development Officer

Twimukye has been working with the Poverty Alliance in Glasgow as a Fieldwork Development Officer since 2008. Her main role is working with grassroots community based organisations and people with direct experience of poverty in getting their voices heard in policy and decision making structures at National and local levels. Twimukye is also responsible for Poverty Awareness Training including direct engagement with frontline professionals on issues poverty and social exclusion.  

Previously, Twimukye worked as Executive Director of the National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU) in the late 1990s and as an independent advisor and consultant on disability and development issues in Eastern and Southern African regions until 2000. 

Twimukye has extensive experience of involvement with a range of third sector organisations in Scotland including being on the Board of the Scottish Refugee Council (2008 -2014) Member of the Board of Directors of One Parent Families ( 2013 – 2017), Bridging the Gap ( 2014 –March 2017). Twimukye is currently Chair of Information and Learning for All Project (ILFA), Secretary to the Board of Karibu Scotland  and a member of the Board of Deaf Blind Scotland. She was appointed to the Independent Living Fund for Scotland Board in August 2016.

Twimukye has spoken on a range of topics on poverty, disability, refugees and migrants as well as gender related issues both at national and international levels. 

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Fiona McHardy Research and Information Manager 

Fiona McHardy is Research and Information manager and is responsible for the overall management and delivery of all research programmes. Fiona has been involved in poverty and social exclusion research, working at grassroots, Scottish, UK and European level for a range of funders including the European Commission, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Wellcome Trust and the Big Lottery Fund.  She has an extensive background of research management and is experienced in applied social research and qualitative and quantitative methods. She is an expert in inclusive research methods and conducting research on sensitive aspects of poverty. She was part of the editorial team for the Poverty in Scotland 2016 book. Presently she is part of the editorial team for a forthcoming publication as part of the Academy of Government Reference Group on Inequalities at University of Edinburgh. Her research studies have been utilised in a range of policy settings including: local authorities, the Scottish Parliament, the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Outside of work, she enjoys going to the gym particularly kettlebell classes, and is fan of trying different types of gin. She is also enjoying planning her wedding this year.  

Contact Fiona:

 Anna Baillie Project Officer - A Menu for Change

 Anna has recently joined the Poverty Alliance as part of A Menu for Change, a new partnership initiative to reduce the need for food aid in Scotland. Anna is responsible for engaging with staff and volunteers from community projects, as well as statutory services, elected representatives, policy makers and local people in order to  work together to find preventative, rights-based and dignified solutions for people facing food insecurity.

 Having worked around the world, Anna’s previous experience lies in teaching, adult education and community engagement. Conducting a piece of research into emergency food aid provision and its drivers in Glasgow led to an active interest in this area of work and this current post.

 Anna has a degree in French and English literature and a Masters in Community Learning and Development.  In her spare time she cycles, does yoga and drinks beer, although not always all at the same time.

Contact Anna:

Lynn Law Fieldwork Officer (p-t)

Lynn joined the Poverty Alliance as a volunteer in November 2004 to deliver Get Heard Scotland, as part of a fellowship through an American university.  She remained with the Alliance until 2007 to support further engagement of people with direct experience of poverty in policy making processes, and returned in 2011 to undertake research on poverty sensitive policy making in Scotland.

Lynn is passionate about sustainable development and addressing issues of inequality, ardently believing in the power of human beings to enact change.  She also works with a mental health charity in Edinburgh, and is enthusiastic about the benefits of mindfulness, yoga and engaging with the natural world. 
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Carla McCormack Policy and Parliamentary Officer

Carla joined the Poverty Alliance as Policy and Parliamentary Officer in April 2014.   Carla is responsible for supporting the development of the policy positions of the Poverty Alliance in a wide range of areas related to poverty and social exclusion and ensuring that these policy positions are well understood by relevant policy actors including politicians, officials, as well as amongst voluntary and community organisations in Scotland.

Carla graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2009 and went on to work in a number of roles in Scottish and UK politics before joining the Poverty Alliance.

Carla  is a keen reader and enjoys travelling.  

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Rachel Thomson Campaigns and Policy Assistant

Rachel began at the Poverty Alliance in August 2016 as our Policy and Campaigns Assistant. She previously worked at Shelter Scotland as a Housing Adviser and at the Big Lottery Fund as a Funding Officer and Communications Officer.

She has previously volunteered as a Helpline Support Volunteer at Rape Crisis Scotland, as a Refugee Integration Volunteer at the Scottish Refugee Council and she is currently on the board of trustees at YWCA Scotland - The Young Women’s Movement.

She has a Politics degree from the University of Glasgow and enjoys reading, travelling and listening to Beyoncé.

Contact Rachel:

Julie MacGahan Living Wage Programme Manager (Scotland)

Julie joined the Poverty Alliance in April 2014 when the Scottish Living Wage Accreditation Initiative was established. As Programme Manager, Julie is responsible for ensuring the Initiative delivers its objectives. This involves supporting the Living Wage Accreditation team's work with employers across Scotland, and working together with partners including the Living Wage Foundation, the Scottish Government and a range of organisations from the public, private and third sector.

Prior to working with the Poverty Alliance, Julie worked with NHS Health Scotland in a variety of roles, including with the Scottish Public Health Network and the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives. She has an M.A. in Literary Studies and a Masters in Public Health from the University of Glasgow.

Julie has a young son, and enjoys yoga, reading and listening to old vinyl records. She is also a qualified masseuse.

Contact Julie:

Jack Evans Living Wage Accreditation Officer

Jack joined the Poverty Alliance in March 2015 as a Living Wage Accreditation Officer.

Jack studied Politics at the University of Glasgow. Prior to joining the Poverty Alliance, Jack worked in a variety of roles in the private sector. Immediately prior to joining the Poverty Alliance he was a logistics manager with Hennes & Mauritz AB  (H & M) a Swedish multinational retail-clothing company.  Jack was also responsible for sustainability at H&M Scotland.

His role at the Poverty Alliance involves private sector and local authority engagement on the Living Wage.

Contact Jack:

Lynn Anderson Living Wage Accreditation Officer

Lynn joined the Poverty Alliance as Living Wage Accreditation Officer in June 2016. She works with a range of employers across Scotland, with a particular focus on Third Sector organisations.

Lynn graduated with a degree in Public Policy from the University of Glasgow and went on to work in a number of Third Sector roles with the Wisegroup and Energy Saving Trust. Immediately prior to joining the Poverty Alliance, Lynn worked in a management position at Citizens Advice Direct for over 4 years.

Lynn has a young son named Jack. When time allows, Lynn is a keen reader, enjoys watching movies and loves a good debate on social policy issues. She is partial to a good French Martini from time-to-time.

Contact Lynn:

Lynn Cunningham Living Wage Accreditation Officer

Starting off as a Welfare Rights Officer, Lynn has worked in the field of poverty prevention for the past 25 years.  Previous posts have included managing director of Craigowl Communities, a skills and training charity in Dundee, as well as being national development officer for adult financial capability with Education Scotland.  With experience of working across Scotland, Lynn was East of Scotland champion with the DWP's Now Lets Talk Money campaign and was advisor to the Money for Life program delivered through the Collages Development Network.  

Lynn has made Dundee her home for the last 23 years, loves gardening and taking her wee dog for walks. 

Contact Lynn:

Patricia Di Tommaso Administrative Assistant

Tricia has many, too many to mention, years of administrative experience working in all sectors.  Although she admits that all her report cards described her as “very easily distracted” we think this makes her an excellent multi-tasker!

Outside of work, she enjoys beach combing, listening to vinyl and reading American crime and French classic fiction.  Her personal goals for this year are to create a stained glass window for her new home and to improve her poker playing skills.

Contact Patricia:

Lesley Sherwood Administrative Assistant 

Lesley joined the Poverty Alliance in June 2016 as a part time Administrative Assistant.  Her first job was as a shorthand typist in the circulation department at DC Thomson in Glasgow and her most recent employment was as an administrator with Cosgrove Care in Giffnock. 

Lesley completed a secretarial course in Langside College, Glasgow back when you learned how to use a Gestetner Machine for copying documents. Lesley spent 10 years living and working in Copenhagen and is really enjoying the arrival of Nordic noir to our television screens!

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